A Little Something About Me

For those that don’t know me, my name is A.P. Smither. The tag, “Highonda_H_S” is a name I often used associated with video games for an online handle. I made it up in a college computer lab at a Bible Institute when my friend got me into Runescape. Can you guess what it stands for? No, nothing with a Honda, nor high school. It means “High on the Holy Spirit.” Ya know, back then when it was cool to use “da” in place of “the.” Ah, AIM, the good ol’ days?  Don’t know what AIM is?  Right, moving on then…

As I began to make short videos, blogs, and expand my social media profiles, Highonda_H_S became more than just a gamer tag; it became my online identity. This website serves as a hub for my creative outlets, as well as updates on my life.  I love discussion so feel free to contact me via the “Stay In Touch” tab or comment your thoughts on the various blogs. Read a blog post you enjoy? Consider hitting one of the social sharing buttons or give it a like.

My Journey to Alaska

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