Social Media Disclaimer

*Updated 11/06/2018

Hello Everyone!  For those that haven’t heard, I have moved to Alaska!  It has been a desire within my heart since 5th grade.  I first came here in October 2014 on a short-term missions trip through a LightShine International Ministries work team and fell in love (with the state).  I googled various ways to come back on a long-term basis and found a great opportunity in Denali, AK for the Summer of 2015.  The following year in 2016 I packed what I could into my Chevy Prizm and drove here.  I’m now headed into my full 3rd year!

Check out About Me for more details.  I  am a Youth Minister credentialed under Hope of the Nations Christian Center serving with LightShine Ministries as a self-supporting missionary.  I also substitute for the local school district.  My personal views and opinions expressed via my various social media outlets do not necessarily reflect the views of my editors, any present or past employers, and my ministry

Here be my social media list, feel free to follow along:

This blog: @highondahs

Facebook: My Ministry Page

Instagram:  My Personal Gram

Snapchat:  @HighondaHS


-A.P. Smither


Oh yeah, guess I have these too…

Twitter: I don’t use this, but I have one…

Youtube: Persecuted4Him and HighondaHS

tumblr: Do people still use this…? (dustier than my YouTube Channels)

I believe that’s all!


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