Social Media Disclaimer

*Updated 04/15/2021

Hello Everyone!  For those that haven’t heard, I have returned to Pennsylvania.  It has been over a year since I moved back from Alaska.  What a blur it has been with Covid-19.  My personal views and opinions expressed via my various social media outlets, including this website/blog do not necessarily reflect the views of my editors, any present or past employers/ministry affiliations.

This year I decided to leave all social media platforms outside of my blogs and youtube channels.  Due to the increasing infringement on privacy and freedom of speech on multiple outlets, I decided to stop using social media for good.  I hadn’t been on it much during 2020, but I did not wish for the accounts to exist.  I permanently deleted Snapchat, Facebook personal profiles as well as pages, Twitter, TicTok, and Instagram.  I may have forgotten others but below is all that I have for now:

This blog: @highondahs

Youtube: Persecuted4Him and HighondaHS

tumblr: Do people still use this…? (dustier than my YouTube Channels)

-A.P. Smither

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