Clash Royale

From the creators of Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, and their very first game that is still active, Hay Day, Supercell brings us Clash Royale.  I was first introduced to this game by a friend of mine earlier this year.  It has been out for awhile now and received an update on November 1st.  Why am I writing about it now?  Well besides getting back into blogging, I love this game.

Game Type: Mobile
Age Appropriate: 9+
Editor’s Choice on iTunes with a 4/5 Star rating

     Overall: Love it
As I stated in the intro, this is one of my favorite games.  I can literally play it for an hour or more and for a mobile app game, that’s a lot.  Like their Clash of Clans and Boom Beach this game has a strategy approach to it.  I was originally turned off from it because I thought it was just another card game.  I was terribly wrong.  They bring in many of the familiar faces we see in the Clash of Clans game (I use to be addicted to that one pretty bad…).  They also introduce their own unique characters.  It’s always a 1v1 mode and sometimes you can enter a knockout tournament.  For anyone worried about violence, it’s really mild.  All the characters are cartoons and when they “die” they turn back into elixir, even the towers you put out.  It’s a time strategy game that for me, has yet to get old.

I have no complaints about the gameplay.  It’s a pvp strategy game.  You have three minutes to try to destroy your opponent’s King’s Tower, which is defended by two Arena Towers.  If time runs out, there is a minute of Sudden Death.  If time runs out again without anyone knocking down a tower, then it’s a draw.  As you win battles, you unlock chests.  The chests hold random amounts of cards.  You use these cards to form your battle deck and level up.  Free Chests are available every 4 hours and you can win a Crown chest about once a day.  Gold is earned with each victory, up to 20x per day.  However, the amount of gold increases as you advance arenas in the game.  Your rank & arena is determined by trophies.  There are currently 9 arenas to play in and as your trophies go up you will advance to a new arena.  Each arena comes with the chance to find new and more powerful cards.  Experience also plays a role.  Leveling up your cards and donating to fellow clan members will earn you experience.  As your level increases, your Arena Towers and King’s Tower increase as well.  Their hitpoints and attack points increase each time you level up.  Here are two pictures of my current standings.  I play on my iPhone 7 and am currently a Co-leader of a Canadian Clan.

Joining a clan is key, especially an active one.  Not only is it a way to try out your decks on an even playing field.  It offers social interaction for helping each other out.  You can also request specific cards (depending on which arena you’re in) to help level up a card faster or maybe one you aren’t having luck with in your chests.  I initially joined a clan with friends, FOTS, but it died out and I became the only active player after coming back from my missions trip to Ethiopia.  The clan was disbanded and I ended up playing against someone in my current clan from the matchmaking.  I’ve been an active member ever since.  I was promoted to Elder a few weeks ago and recently a Co-leader.  Each rank has different abilities within the clan, but it’s really more of a role of honor to those who donate and help other clan members.
     Final Thoughts
I recommend this game to anyone that is strategy savvy.  There is definitely some grinding to it as you will get to a point where an opponent has a higher level and overwhelming higher level cards.  I often loose in those situations but it is possible to win with better strategy.  Supercell releases new cards to keep the strategies constantly changing.  I’ve also seen opponents use the same cards I do, but in a way I never thought of using in battle.  These dynamics keep the game fresh, and never a dull moment.  I will warn you though, don’t let it get to you emotionally.  I know some friends, and even at times myself, that have gotten really mad at the game.  They get on a winning streak and then start losing, both the game, and their emotions.  I have taken a much more light hardhearted approach and laugh it off and often compliment my opponent for beating me.  Oh, that’s a another fun part of the game.  You can use taunts to either annoy, gloat, or compliment your opponent.  I love it when I find someone that has battle chivalry like I do and it makes the battle that much more enjoyable.
Additional Review Sources
Orange Juice, a YouTube Channel, is often featured within the app for reviewing their new cards.  They do an excellent job of reviewing various aspects of the game for tips, walk throughs, strategies, and card reviews.  Check them out in the link below.

Orange Juice YouTube Channel

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