Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 – Rental

*For all movie reviews I will add ‘rental’ to the title to emphasize I did not see it in theatre but rather at home.  This can often impact the review since I did not get the movie theatre experience.  Without a crowd to react along with you, a big screen, and a good sound system, someone’s take on the movie can be slightly tarnished.  So for my first rental movie, here we go.

Rated: PG for some violence
Released: 2015 by Sony

To be honest, I didn’t even know their was a sequel.  I was pretty excited when I saw it sitting in the Comedy section of a rental place in Glennallen, AK.  So I decided to watch it.  I definitely had my doubts.  As many people know, the dreaded second movie of any series, is usually the worst.  Iron Man 2 anyone?  And for the first 45 minutes or so I began to see exactly why sequels just don’t seem to hold the same value as the first.  Then, the movie took a surprising twist.  It was almost as if everything that happens to Paul Blart during those first 45 minutes is for the character to literally experience how bad a sequel can be to watch.  Then, they get you the viewer, to sympathize with him for having to go through this pain just to make more money… But that’s when they hit you and the movie takes a drastic turn.  All of a sudden it’s back to the Paul Blart we’ve come to know and love.  There’s action, there’s comedy, and I found myself really enjoying the movie.

The location of the movie has changed as Paul Blart takes an invitation and attends a national security officer convention in Las Vegas.  As the movie progresses we once again see Paul go above and beyond his call of duty (this time it’s not even his mall).  He is a creative underdog that is initially not taken seriously.  However, we see his resourceful skills once again to use what’s around him as he attempts to stop the bad guys and rescue some more hostages.  It stays true to the comedy elements but almost puts to much emphasis on drama in the first half.  Once the comedy goes into full swing we also see the same quirky action we enjoyed in the first film.



To me, the movie had a lot of surprisingly good action, well after that bad first half.  Thus it receives the PG rating.  But, rest assured no one dies just like in the first movie.  I mean, he is a Security Officer, so he stays true to his oath and only uses non-lethal force methods.  Now, the bad guys do carry real guns and try to kill him, and one person is shot in the shoulder.  But I would still say, definitely family friendly.


Final Thoughts
If you’re like me, and still live in a small town with bad wifi and an actual DVD Rental Store, it’s worth the money.  I’m not sure if it’s still out on Redbox or even if it’s on Netflix.  I don’t have any Redboxes around me anymore…  But, if you have to pay to see it, enjoy the laughs and the continuation of the character you’ve come to love and root for.  I would even consider buying it, especially if there was a combo two pack of both movies.  It is available on VidAngel for a $1 stream rental.


After Credits Scene – None


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