Blog Postponed

Hello everyone,

I know I just said my hiatus was over and that still remains true. However, there has been a series of unfortunate events since Saturday. I have not been able to dedicate the necessary time to my blog. The blog I mentioned last week is nearly finished and ready to go. That said, given what has happened within my community a blog post about my personal depression just didn’t seem timely. Instead, here’s a short update on recent events:

Saturday, my Alaskan nephews lost their grandmother on their mom’s side. At church on Sunday, a lot of people shared about the hard times they are going through. It led to a great service where we prayed for one another and gave each other encouragement. It is still a long road ahead. Afterward church, Farren and I got the kids together and had a sledding party. It was a lot of fun! Eventually Ike and our mom joined us as well.

It was hard to leave that campfire, especially with the warm weather we have had lately. More people came as we stayed by the fire.

On Monday, one of our students died from the flu. The flu has hit a lot of people hard in our area this year. Please keep James Martin and Ashley Hicks in your prayers. They have asked me to be a pallbearer for their son, Dajon Martin.

Last night, my friend Dennis fell after Bible study. I’m currently at the local clinic waiting for him. He is getting an x-ray to see if anything is broken. Please keep him in prayer for healing. He is in a lot of pain.

And today, the pallbearers have gotten together to start digging. Out here, a pallbearer doubles as a grave digger. Right now they have a fire going to soften the ground. I will be joining them soon. It is going to be an emotional week for sure. I have never helped buried a child before. Please keep our community in your prayers this week.

Thank you,

-Andrew Smither

2 thoughts on “Blog Postponed

  1. Will stay in prayer all through the week and weekend. You have mentioned in the past that funeral services are lengthy. Praying as you bear testimony of God’s strength(not ours), love and compassion. Praying that God will provide for your needs and open up doors for a job. Love you Andrew forever and always.

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