Some good, good news

Hello everyone! It has been a crazy week for me. I have been on three different antibiotics, two of which I had an allergic reaction to… so yup, still fighting the sickness over here. I really do want to get back into more topical blogging and not just these “I’m surviving” updates. I hope to do that next week. But for now, all my energy has been focused on getting better, getting through my work day, and restarting Game Club.

So yes! There is some good news. Despite being sick, I have had a great first three full weeks at my new job. If you haven’t heard, I am back in the school full-time. I am a district office employee with an on-site office as the Technology Assistant to the Director of Technology. I am the first line of defense at Glenallen and assist all students K-12 as well as staff within the building. In addition to this, I am the Chromebook repair guy across the district. It’s great to be back in IT and in a position that lets me interact with students. The staff and students are excited to have me back full-time and thankful for an on-site tech guy. I’m even considering reviving my old “APS Tech Consulting” blog or making it a feature here.

In addition to this Game Club is finally back up and running on a nine week Spring Season. Last week was our first week and we had about four to six students each day. This year I have two additional staff members assisting with the club, as well as a point teacher, and two volunteers that come from the community. We are keeping most of the club the same this year but changed a few things. We focus on eighth through twelfth grades but allow  sixth and seventh graders on a trial basis on Mondays only. Monday’s and Wednesday’s we meet 4-6 pm and Tuesday’s and Thursday’s we meet 4-7 pm in the MS/HS Library where I worked last year. We meet once the after school study program ends.

Monday’s are open gym. Students can play any board game and any video game that has been approved.

Tuesday’s is our fighting game day with a focus on Super Smash Brothers (Nintendo game rated E10+ for Everyone 10 or older).

Wednesday’s are new and has become our Battle Royale day: Tetris 99, Apex Legends, H1Z1, maybe Fortnite…(all games rates E for everyone – T for teen).

Thursday’s are our board game day with a focus on Munchkins.

Additional good news is that there is forward progress on the Community Jr. Youth Group. Mt. Drum Lutheran has agreed to take us under their wing and cover us with their liability insurance and oversight with their leadership. I will most likely be attending the church once a month to give updates to their leadership team. Once all of my leaders get their background checks done under the new covering we can begin meeting again! The earliest I foresee youth group starting is after Spring Break. We also have a sledding party planned for next Sunday, March 3rd at 2 pm.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments below. If you like what you read, feel free to like this blog or share it on social media.

Author: A.P. Smither
Editor: P.J. Walk


Blog Disclaimer: views and opinions expressed by A.P. Smither do not necessarily reflect the views of his editors, current employer: Copper River School District, or ministry affiliates: Light Shine Ministries and Hope of the Nations Christian Center.

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