Opposition is Opportunity (part 1)

Take a moment and check out this awesome blog from my older sister. Jessica McCray is an amazing mother of 4. She and her husband live in NY. Jess is also on the pastoral staff at a Vineyard Church near Syracuse.



I love trees. I  have loved to retreat to the woods for as long as I can remember. Trees take a  stoic stance that is a striking contrast to any season. I admire all trees but the birch tree is my favorite. There are unique black and white markings on the tall towering clustered trunks. I am captivated by the thin papery bark as it unfurls like parchment from a time long gone by. The lemon-lime melded color on it’s delicate leaves sway playfully with barely a breeze and camouflage our yellow finch visitors. When I was younger I loved to climb the arched trunks and swing on the bendable branches. Now, their silvery silhouette is one of my favorite winter views during our fierce Central New York winters.

      Birch trees  are a comforting view and part of my very first memories and moments of moving to New York. I…

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