Journey to Alaska

For over a decade I wanted to become a missionary. It was what I went to college for. Since Elim Bible Institute, I served on many short-term missions trips, including one to Alaska in 2014, but it never satisfied my desire to fully give myself to that type of ministry. Alaska first became a part of my heart since I researched it in 5th-grade for my state project. I once told my immediate family I would one day live in Alaska. That came true for a season while I lived in Healy, AK.  I worked near Denali National Park for four months in the Summer of 2015. This was a personal test to see if I really wanted to uproot myself from Pennsylvania and move across the continent.  To pursue being a missionary full-time, I had to make a big decision. In April 2016, I took a leap of faith. I gave up a full-time Marketing Director position with a local Chick-fil-A. To make this move possible, I drove nearly 6,000 miles from Pennsylvania to Alaska on a cross-continental journey. I have now lived in the Copper River Valley for 3 full years. I live in a dry cabin just outside Glennallen, AK. A dry cabin means it is not plumbed (no running water). But don’t worry, I do have electricity, heat, and access to water nearby.

Becoming a full-time Youth Minister

On Sunday, October 30th, 2016, I was officially credentialed as a licensed minister of Hope of the Nations Christian Center. I was recognized for my work with the youth in the city of Reading, PA as well as my mission endeavors in Alaska. Pictured left to right is me, Teresa, and Angelo. The couple presenting my credentials are my pastors at my home church back in Reading, PA.  My credentials remain current (2019).



Want to know more about my first year in Alaska?  Read my reflections about that experience on my blog.