Road to Recovery

Hello everyone, hope your week has started off well.  I had a blog on “singleness” in the works but I will put that on hold, for now.  Today, I want to talk about my recovery.

Unfortunately, since my accident, my body is not the only thing that has been directly affected.  My mind has been as well.  Since this started early on, I thought it was related to the trauma of the event.  I wasn’t getting more than four hours of sleep until I was put on a muscle relaxer and pain medicine.  I then thought it was due to sleep deprivation.  But during these last two days, it became worse.  I lose focus easily, I forget what I’m doing or what I have said, I cannot remember well, especially short-term.  And I have trouble processing new information.  To my knowledge, I did not hit my head directly.  A student saw it happen but I have not heard his account on the matter.  I called CRMC this morning and was advised to seek mental health counseling.  Again, if there was no head injury, and it is not the drugs…  So there’s that, please keep me in prayer in this area.

Physically, I am slowly getting better.  I got a “you’re improving” report on Thursday.  I am remaining on crutches but can do limited load bearing or use my left leg in an emergency.  I am told walking on it would not make it worse, just hurt.  X-rays this Friday will confirm the next step in my recovery.  I am also seeing a… manual therapist? I think was the term.  This is someone to help with muscle soreness from using crutches, as well as recovery from the accident/bed rest.  My right leg and hip are having trouble bearing the majority of the weight.

I included some information about the initial accident at the end of my last blog.  If you haven’t read it, please head on over and check out An Unmovable Barge in Stormy Seas.  You can also view the pictures on my Instagram profile as well as my Facebook Page.  I do not have a lot to say on the matter particularly.  However, I want to thank everyone that has been there for me this week.

It would be hard to name everyone, and most people would not want to be named.  But I will say thanks in general at the very least.  I am very thankful to the family whose property I live on.  They have been a big help to me as I live alone in a dry cabin.  My church also came to visit.  People dropped off food (which I’m still eating), visited, and got me even some “wants” rather than “needs” to help boost my morale.  I had a friend do an impromptu Bible study with me.  I appreciated this because I wasn’t allowed to go anywhere for 72 hours and missed church.  Students from the Game Club came out to visit me and played games while they were here.  I had a few coworkers come to visit as well.  When I did get back to work, I had many students and staff swing by my office to see how I was doing.  In addition to all of this, many people called, e-mailed, texted, etc from back east in my hometown and other areas.  The many rides I have been given since I cannot drive were also a huge plus.  Twice I was taken out for meals as well.  All of this, and anything I forgot, has been a huge blessing.  It has helped me keep my spirits high and look at the silver lining.  It honestly, could have been much worse.

I had an initial breakdown after my accident realizing it would be a tough road ahead.  Losing the ability to go on the Senior Class trip, missing out on work, being stuck at home all weekend, and barely able to get around by myself (all because of an accident that was preventable), was very frustrating at the least.  Today, I had another breakdown due to the mental things I mentioned earlier.  And after my checkup this past Thursday I am still looking at four to six weeks for injury recovery (no pain), potentially longer for muscles to get back to the strength they should have normally.

I hope you have a blessed week, thanks for reading!  If you would like to send any notes of encouragement or get well cards, my address is:

P.O. Box 525
Glennallen, AK 99588

Author: A.P. Smither
Editor: P.J. Walk

Blog Disclaimer: views and opinions expressed by A.P. Smither do not necessarily reflect the views of his editors, current employer: Copper River School District, or ministry affiliates: Light Shine Ministries and Hope of the Nations Christian Center.

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