Behind the Scenes

I work in this endeavor throughout the Copper River Valley.  I will be transitioning out from under Light Shine Ministries as a self-supporting missionary by the end of September.  I will remain a youth-minister and focus on being a local minister rather than a “sent-one.”  However, during this next year, I will be taking a furlough/sabbatical and will be laying down most of my endeavors this coming season.  My minister credentials are still held through Hope of the Nations church.  The beauty of being a part of the body of Christ is that we are never truly alone.  I want to give a special shout-out to my team:

My editor: @pjwalk85.  PJ is a great friend since our days in high school.  He is my primary editor for all my blogs, page updates, and email newsletters.  You can read his sports blog here.

My graphic designer: @cgkers.  A friend of mine who has a passion for Alaska.  She serves on a mission team from Michigan that comes to the Copper River Valley every summer.  They help Mt. Drum Lutheran run their Summer VBS program in Copper Center.  You can check out their blog here.

I would also like to honor those who help oversee the work that I do.  They are a vital part of my support system.

My mentors: Jonathan Stone – the Owner/Operator of Chick-fil-A Berkshire Mall, Angelo Sarna – Pastor of Hope of the Nations, John Lehman – Counselor at CrossRoads Counseling Services.  These three men of God offer wisdom, guidance, accountability, and pray with me regularly.


If you would like to get involved in what the Lord is doing in Alaska, here are some practical ways you can help even from afar. 

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