My Time Traveling Weekend

No, this is not a review on the Umbrella Academy. Sorry to disappoint if you were hoping for my thoughts on that Netflix hit series. If you actually want me to, let me know in the comments below. I’m still on the fence about watching that one. No reason really, it didn’t interest me all that much based on the trailer, but I digress.

So what does my weekend have to do with time traveling you ask? How about feeling like you’re back in the 1990’s with technology. That’s right, a time when smartphones did not exist, cell phones were becoming popular, texting costed you a nickel per message, and the good old age of when dial-up was still supreme. Can’t recall when DSL started though. Continue reading

Is the Momo Challenge back? Here’s what you need to know…

*Disclaimer from the author: while I am now working in IT again, this article contains my sole opinion. I was not asked to write this article. I wanted to raise awareness through a Public Service Announcement out of my own desire. The views/ideas/opinions expressed in this article are my own and may not reflect the views of my employer – CRSD, my ministry overhead – LightShine Ministries, my credential holders -Hope of the Nations, nor my current home church in Alaska – Tazlina Fellowship.

What is was… Continue reading

Some good, good news

Hello everyone! It has been a crazy week for me. I have been on three different antibiotics, two of which I had an allergic reaction to… so yup, still fighting the sickness over here. I really do want to get back into more topical blogging and not just these “I’m surviving” updates. I hope to do that next week. But for now, all my energy has been focused on getting better, getting through my work day, and restarting Game Club. Continue reading

Out Sick

Hey y’all, Andrew here. I’ve been fighting a cold since last Wednesday. Despite being day… 5? On the z-pack, still not feeling the best. Been focusing most of my energy on making it in to work. Will most likely skip this week due to sickness. But if I get better soon, may just post a delayed blog. Sorry for your reading inconvenience.

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Five Months of Waiting

My months of waiting are finally over! Many of you know that I have been substituting at the schools for any position I could get. I filled in for janitors, cafeteria workers, teacher’s aides, and teachers. During this time I was actively looking and applying for full-time jobs. Last year while working for the school full-time as the high school librarian, I had a thought, “maybe it would be better to be a substitute so my schedule can be more flexible for ministry.” But since everyone got use to me working at the school all year… those pop-up needs were happening less and less this year. As a result, it’s been a loooooong five months for me personally.

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Blog Postponed

Hello everyone,

I know I just said my hiatus was over and that still remains true. However, there has been a series of unfortunate events since Saturday. I have not been able to dedicate the necessary time to my blog. The blog I mentioned last week is nearly finished and ready to go. That said, given what has happened within my community a blog post about my personal depression just didn’t seem timely. Instead, here’s a short update on recent events:

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My Unofficial Hiatus is Over

It has been a month and some change since my last blog. And that blog was only to communicate that I was safe post-earthquake. I apologize for the unplanned silence. I need to give credit where credit is due. My editor PJ has done his best to keep me accountable as I have asked him to do. In addition to editing these blogs, he also helps remind me when I need to take a break, sit down, and write to stay on my schedule. Initially, everything just fell on a Tuesday and my December got very busy. First I was helping with the school play. Next was the school’s Christmas program. Both of these fell on a Tuesday in December. Oh, I also turned 33 on Friday, December 14th. After that… well, good ol’ seasonal depression kicked in.

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I Am safe

In case you do not follow me on my social media outlets or subscribe to my e-newsletter, I wanted to communicate on my website as well that I am safe.  Even into the weekend, I had friends and family reaching out, expressing their concern and asking for updates.  So much so that I decided to re-activate my Facebook.  Something I intended to walk away from indefinitely this past summer.  My community certainly felt the quake, but we had no structural damage to report.

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Giving Tuesday

Today wasn’t always known as “Giving Tuesday.”  In fact, until this year not many people were even aware of it.  I would say within the last three years it has really grown.  This year, especially with Facebook and Paypal joining together to donate up to 7 million in matching donations.  These matching donations only count for official non-profits and have limits.  Facebook will match up to $20,000 per person and no more than $250,000 per organization.  The other catch is that it will only be the first $7M donated.  Estimates state these matching funds will go within the first TEN MINUTES once it goes live.

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