Passed Out While Holding an Oxygen Mask.

Hey there,

You are an awesome person and it is lovely to meet you. Thanks for following along in my life’s journey. The next couple of blogs will be a series based off of “I am” or “I have” statements. 2019 has been a very challenging year for me in many aspects of my life. From my careers (youth minister and technology assistant) to my personal mental and physical health, a lot of it has taken quite a toll on me. This blog is going to be an introduction as to what is to come for the month of August. For now, I am starting to rack up the bills.

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A Chat With Myself

We’ve all had those moments when we talk to ourselves.  I have found that I talk to myself more living alone than when I lived with other people.  For me, talking to myself often feels odd.  Especially when I’m speaking something positive yet deep in negative feelings.  When we do that, we are putting our current state of mind on hold, force a complete change of thought, and remind ourselves of the truth.  For those of us that are verbal processors, we may find ourselves doing this more than others.  But how often are those chats positive?  Is your mind focused on the daily grind, milling through your daily stresses, tasks at hand, and the like?  Perhaps you are beating yourself up about your latest mistake.  Or… are you declaring the positive despite your feelings?

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