Silence (2016)

I am drawn to movies about other cultures.  When my friend Philip posted the preview about this movie it instantly grabbed my attention.  I have enjoyed much of the entertainment industry that has come out of Japan – movies, animation, video games.  Here was a movie about missionaries to Japan, I couldn’t pass up seeing it in theatres despite only an evening showing available in my area.

Note: To those reading my reviews for the first time, my Overall and Summary sections are spoiler free.  There is a break with a picture, after that spoilers are fair game.

Rated: Rated R for some disturbing violent content
Released: December 2016

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Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 – Rental

*For all movie reviews I will add ‘rental’ to the title to emphasize I did not see it in theatre but rather at home.  This can often impact the review since I did not get the movie theatre experience.  Without a crowd to react along with you, a big screen, and a good sound system, someone’s take on the movie can be slightly tarnished.  So for my first rental movie, here we go.

Rated: PG for some violence
Released: 2015 by Sony

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Dr. Strange (MCU Film)

When it comes to comics I have always been a fan of Marvel over DC, Dark Horse, or Image Comics. As a Christian, two Marvel characters that always stuck out to me as odd were Dr. Strange and Ghost Rider. Dr. Strange stood out the most with his interactions in what seemed to be a demonic realm. Due to his source of power and his nemesis he constantly battled, I was skeptical about the new movie. Once two of my friends saw it who have similar viewpoints, I asked their take on it. They assured me it was something I would enjoy and that the director takes the alternate dimension route that we see in the Ultimate line of Marvel Comics. From my understanding, all of the movies seem to be based on the Ultimate Comic line so far. If you know different, feel free to let me know in the comments below. With all of this in mind, I saw Dr. Strange and here are my thoughts.

*Please note my Overall thoughts and Summary will be spoiler free. If you wish to avoid spoilers, do not read any other sections.*

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